The transition

Yes, I know.. sorry for leaving a big gap on this page! Some of you have already started asking where did I disappear for the past few weeks. Things have been moving real fast enough lately that I had to gear up my momentum to catch up with the speed of change. I was smoothing down a transition till I had to roll my blog down from the priority list for a short period of time.

Having successfully survived my four years of engineering studies, I'm now preparing myself towards a new phase im my life. As, I'm waving goodbye to lectures, assignments, books, tests and reports, I'm welcoming a new world world of bills, bosses, meetings and loan repayments.

On one hand, I'm experiencing mixed emotions. It was a though decision for me to decide starting point of my career path. But, I'm happy enough and feeling excited that I have landed on the job of my choice and now looking forward to my first step towards professional development. On the other hand, I'm feeling a bit anxious. Although I have spend four years in varsity, I'm actually sitting down here and wondering what it will be like to cope with the new challenges. And, I couldn't agree more with the common opinion that one applies less than 10% of the theoretical knowledge gained in university within their job environment. The moment I step out of my classroom, it's a new world here, waiting for me. Life is no more happy go lucky. Now, life runs on routine as though everything is on an auto-pilot mode.

One thing that I realize is that the university experience and job environment are qualitatively different. The first one is very much result oriented and the latter is more towards action oriented achievements. One must be able to display initiative, set priorities, establish goals, and take responsibility for pursuing those goals in an ever-changing environment.

As I'm giving my mind enough space and time frame to reconstruct itself and adapts to a new reality, I promise to attend this blog soon, very soon!

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