Fuel Hike Carnival 2008

Protests in Malaysia have become more like carnivals. The fuel hike protest held yesterday at Kelana Jaya Stadium was filled with carnival sort of atmosphere since the rally started at 10am. The all day protest which saw a red sea of approximately 30,000 people was fun filled with speeches, musical and artistic performances.

Here's a click from the event field

A bunch of Malaysians with the spirit of Makkal Sakthi unfurling a banner for what looked like a police helicopter hovering above. Check out more captured moments from the protest at Mycen and Malaysiakini

And.. in between all those ongoing sodomy dramas in our country, yesterday we had a a rock singer pulled down his trousers and showed his boxer shorts to the shock of the crowd during the anti-fuel price rally. I wonder what was he thinking on the stage!

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