Muchas gracias!

Yesterday, 23rd of October, was my 23rd birthday.
I thank my family and friends who well wished me and my buddies who organised a suprise birthday party. Sharing some of the photos here.

Early preparations. Guess what's in the pail ?!?

The birthday cake. Can you see a red Ferrari parked on the cake? Thanks a lot to Yoga and Rin for that.

Four candles and one lighter make a 23. lolz. Thnx to Yogz for holding it!

With rest of the jokers.

Here's the grand closing. And.. Did u managed to figure out what was in the pail? Actually, there's more inside than what meet the eyes!

Muchas gracias, thank you everyone!

15 comments to "Muchas gracias!"

  • Belated bday wishes to you!Glad you had a lovely time .. Wish you good luck in all your endeavours!

  • Hey Happy Belated birthday to you! It looks as if you had a great time. How is PPP going fo you? Good I hope. Also you should join Sopncered reviews they are pretty goog. Take care. oh yeah I have a new site also would you mind adding it here its
    Thanks I hope to see you soon

  • eewwwww....!

    what is that?! i would not have been happy..i'm sorry...was it beer at least?

    happy belated birthday!

    thanks for stopping by and may you take a great bath...


  • ewww.. enna la pail ulle.. ish ish!! dirty boys!


  • hahaha kena sabo ah. Lolz

    Anyways, happy belated b'day, many many happy returns.

    U seems to enjoy a holy bath on ur b'day.

    Cool : )

  • @shalini gowrishankar,
    Thank you very much for your wishes. Appreciate it!

    Thanks. I have registered with PPP but haven't post anything yet. Work on double, kinda busy handling them. I'll check out Sopncered as well and I have updated your link at my blogroll. Take care n thanks again :)

  • @aviana,
    haha.. no, its not beer. just plain water mixed with root beer I guess. and, there were cigarette ashes and chicken essence mixed together with it. So, not that bad! Anyway, thanks a lot for the wishes. Take care ya..

    pail ulle secret recipe. I myself do not know exactly what was inside. I tried hard running away. But, I couldn't hide anywhere! too many of them.. haha.. Saw you wishes at friendster, thanks!

  • @what a life,
    Thank you. yes lah, kena saboh. Cannot run anywhere d! Thank God, there were no eggs and flour! So, it was still a better than last year's bash. lolz :P

  • Oh gosh, that's terrible with egg and flour. I can't imagine that. So yucks!

    But it's even crazy if you go clubbing with friends on ur bday. They will treat u to a birthday drink which require you to lick the cream all the way to the glass. Just imagine, they can spray the cream from the floor to the table. Holy shit!

  • Hi Puvanan,

    Happy belated Birthday.. What a surprise !! We share the same birthdate.. Mine is 23rd November.
    Good Luck !

    Well I can guess something what is in the pail, my bf went through same thing when he was at U last time. :)

  • happy birthday! we are 23!

  • @chaitanya
    Thanks a lot! Hehe.. that's cool! we are 23-ians! Now it would be easier for me to remember your birthday :P

    Hi.. Thank you for the wishes. Yes, we are 23. Together we grow.. lalalala~ :)

  • @what a life
    Yes.. it's a lot more better without eggs and flour. The worse case is when they hit the eggs right on your head. My friends are quite good in counter strike. So, there's no way you can escape from them. haha.. Anyway, licking the cream thingy is so yucky!

  • hehe u still tak banjer KFC :D

  • @mandelism
    KFC ah? *_* Ithu eppa nadanthecu?