Unity, Here In My Home!

Mahen shared it with me and it's about time for me to spread the love and unity to more and more Malaysians.

The Malaysian artistes have came with an anti-racism song and music video. There’s about 120 people was involved in this video directed by Yasmin Ahmad and Ho Yuhang. It features filmmakers, dancers, singers, producers, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, designers, footballers, activists, celebrities, students and a florist.

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This wonderful piece of work was inspired by Pete Teo as the project founder, song co-founder & song composer. Most of us tend to get inspiring ideas when we are so damn bored, busy doing nothing and got no one to disturb around. Pete is no exception:
Pete was juggling tomatoes. bored. so he telephoned a few friends instead. “how about getting together to make an anti-racism song and music video?” all said yes without hesitation.
So, they teamed up together and came up with this music video, "Here In My Home"

I just love every single bit of it - the lyrics, singers' voice, the catchy chorus, the one-spot camera angle, the way Datuk Tony Fernandes dances around like a happy school kid and nothing beats the cute actions by Harith Iskandar; he's damn funny lah! And, of course the most important thing of all - the message itself.

Here's my favorite lines of the lyrics which explain what the message is all about.

Here in my home.. I'll tell you what it's all about..
There's just one hope here in my heart,
One love undivided, That's what it's all about..
Please won't you fall in one by one?
Hmm.. Wei Zhu has compiled the full lyrics of the song. And, you can download the movie and song clips from the official website. There is no copyright infringement, as they are meant for all Malaysians of all races. You may download them absolutely free as long as you promise to behave yourselves and keep your hands off the damn guava.

Listening to the song, I feel more Malaysian now, Here In My Home. woohoo~ I hope you to enjoy the clip as much as I did :)

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